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Huisman designs and builds a large range of regular winches, A&R Winches and Traction and Storage Winches for offshore use.

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A&R Winches

An A&R winch is specially designed to abandon or recover a pipe on the seabed. With increasing water depths, the required top tension increases resulting in an increased A&R winch, tensioner capacity and cable length requirements. The regular length of A&R wires for current water depths is 3,500m (11,500ft). Huisman A&R winch systems have been designed with up to 650mt pulling capacity. 


Traction Winches

For higher pipe tensions normally storage/traction winch combinations are used. Our traction winch consists of two drums mounted together in one winch frame. The A&R wire is wound over these two drums in several windings. The traction winch principle is based on friction build-up between the drums and the wire rope. The wire is stored on the storage winch.

The drum axes are mounted at an angle relative to each other, which allows the wire to run in a straight line from one drum to the other. This reduces wire rope fatigue since there is no build-up of torsion in the rope. The drums are provided with hardened and grooved sleeves to prevent wear on the drum surface. The groove diameter increases with every wrap to cope with the elastic elongation of the wire rope when tensioned. 


Storage Winches 

The storage winch stores the wire and maintains a constant hold-back force for the traction winch. The storage winch operates at a low line pull. It will however withstand a very large overload which may be caused during power failure or emergency stop when the brakes are applied and the traction winch is still pulling. 


/ features

  • Hydraulic or electrically driven motors drive the winch by means of planetary gearboxes directly mounted in the drum or through gearboxes driving a gear ring on the drum;
  • The motors can be equipped with fail-safe disk brakes;
  • The winches can be equipped with load measurement, length measurement and a slack rope protection;
  • Huisman winches can be fitted with a spooling system to reduce the fleet angle of the wire rope and to optimise the spooling behaviour of the drum and wire rope. 
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