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The Huisman Innovation Tower is a 90m high drill tower, capable of handling 55m (180ft) stands and 46m (150ft) riser and with the ability to simulate dynamic vessel movements. The HIT is located at the Huisman Schiedam quayside.



  • Demonstration of equipment;
  • Full scale testing including dynamics;
  • Testing of automation/robotics;
  • Training of Operators/Huisman team;
  • Pre-commissioning of equipment;
  • Development of future equipment;
  • load testing of parts;
  • Future downhole testing.

/ features

  • 3.6 mln lbs (1,630mt) rated load;
  • 180ft stands;
  • 150ft riser;
  • Full scale setback drum;
  • Dual drum draw works/splittable blocks;
  • Open drill floor construction to allow installation of several types of rotary tables and/or hang-off equipment;
  • Active/passive heave compensation systems;
  • Drill floor 6m above ground level;
  • Total height approximately 90m;
  • Test well:
    • - Ø 118”up to 50m
    • - Ø 20”up to 400m
  • Static angle: 5 degrees;
  • Dynamic angle: +/- 2 degrees.

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