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To meet today's demand for faster and more flexible operations in unconventional environments, Huisman has gained experience from operating our LOC series of land rigs and through discussions and interviews with operators and contractors.


This resulted in a new series of highly mobile rigs. The HM 100 and HM 150 are highly mobile trailer mounted drilling rigs designed to move quickly between different locations.


All equipment can be controlled from the integrated controls in the driller’s cabin, minimising the need for people on the drill floor during regular operations. The high degree of automation includes a zone management system and safety interlocks, which reduces the risk of a clash back to an absolute minimum.


Hands-off pipe handling further improves the overall safety of the rig. This includes fully automated hands-off tripping, casing running and drilling connections. 


The AC electric central power system ensures improved fuel efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint. Local emissions can be further reduced when the rig is connected to a local electrical power grid.


Read more in Oilfield Technology magazine.



/ features

  • Crane less rig moves in 6-8 hours
  • Fully automated sequences for pipe and casing handling
  • Automated drilling connections
  • Safety: no people on the floor during routine automated operations
  • Reduced carbon footprint due to AC electric power system
  • Option to connect to local grid power to minimize local emissions

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