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Rigging operations can take up valuable time offshore operations. With the Universal Quick Connector, Huisman offers a safe and efficient solution to reduce your cycle time and mitigate the safety risks of people involved in changing installation tools.


The Universal Quick Connector (UQC) offers unprecedented versatility for changing tools and the operational use of your crane.

Mitigate safety risks

Mitigate safety risks

By automating tool changes, you can minimise the need for riggers and people on deck in high-risk operations.

Reduce cycle time

Reduce cycle time

The complementary range of tools can be changed quickly with the standardised interface of the UQC, optimising the operational effectiveness of your crane.

Increase workability

Increase workability

With the UQC, tools are connected firmly to the crane block to reduce pendulum motions, enabling you to continue your operations in harsher weather conditions.

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The only requirement for a lifting tool to be handled by the Universal Quick Connector (UQC), is a pin with a machined interface. We offer a predefined range of UQC to ensure that the size of the interface is in line with the crane's capacity. The interfaces are upward compatible, which means that a high-capacity block can also engage a low-capacity tool using a straightforward filling piece.

Quick tool changes with the standardised pin interface

The self-locking mechanism of the UQC is fail-safe. A tool can only be released when the release mechanism is intentionally activated.

Fail-safe: self-locking

An attached tool, up to the maximum capacity of the crane, can be rotated to align with the object that needs to be lifted, using an integrated rotation mechanism.


Rotation mechanism at full load

Integrating the suspension point of a tool into the lower block eliminates the need for rigging and increases the effective lifting height of your crane.

Increased lifting height

The Universal Quick Connector and its complementary tools are powered by an exchangeable battery pack. The battery capacity is sufficient for 24 hours of typical crane operation.

Integrated power supply

Tools can be integrated into the crane’s control system, providing the operator with a combined readout of your crane and tool, offering an automated and safer way of working. The tools communicate with the crane’s control system via a data transmitter, for example, a radio link for deck operations or an acoustic transmitter for subsea operations.

Tools integrated into the crane's control system

The data connection of the Universal Quick Connector can relay the data from cameras mounted on the tools, hook or lower block to the CCTV system of the crane. This can include cameras with image recognition to automatically position the crane above a load.

Your crane's CCTV system extended with UQC cameras

The Universal Quick Connector is also available as a stand-alone unit that can be connected to existing cranes with standard hooks. This can significantly improve tool handling on existing cranes and improve overall operational efficiency.

Retrofit Universal Quick Connector

The Universal Quick Connector can be adjusted for subsea operations. Features such as rotation and data network functionality are highly suitable for your subsea projects.

Suitable for subsea operations

By deploying the Universal Quick Connector, all lifts can be performed in a uniform way, regardless the installation tool. In this case, there will be no need for specific engineering prior to each individual lift.

/ technical specifications

  • Safe working load: 100 up to 5,000mt
  • Connecting/disconnecting a lifting tool: 10s
  • Rotating speed: 0.5RPM
  • Power supply: onboard battery pack

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Improving safety and mitigating risks in the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms are the foremost challenges of the industry. To help you optimise every stage of installation and operation, and boost your competitive edge, Huisman has developed an innovative range of tools for you to be equipped for impact. 

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