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Over the years, Huisman has designed and delivered a large number of Flex-lay systems. The Flex-lay method combines capabilities for the installation of flexible pipelines, risers and in-line structures. The most notable features of a Flex-lay system are its vertical ramp, equipped with one or more tensioners, and a chute or wheel aligner on top.


Flex-lay systems offer an efficient pipelay method with a specific advantage: the installed pipelines are less sensitive to fatigue and therefore require less complex installation and Abandonment & Recovery procedures. Flex-lay systems are less suitable for the installation of rigid pipe, but can be adapted to perform J-lay or Reel-lay.


The large variety of Flex-lay systems we have delivered has broadened our scope of expertise, from concept design to start-up of operations. This has enabled us to easily customise and further develop Flex-lay systems for greater water depths and the handling of larger PLETs.

/ features

  • Suitable for installation of flexible pipelines, risers and in-line structures;
  • Suitable for laying pipe in shallow to deep waters;
  • High lay rates;
  • Pipes are flexible and therefore less sensitive to fatigue;
  • Less complex installation and abandonment & recovery procedure for pipelines and in-line structures;
  • In standard configuration: not suited for installation of rigid pipe.

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/ 340mt Vertical-lay System, 2,500mt Basket, Reel Drive System
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/ 150mt Flex-lay System
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