/ Carousels

Huisman carousels are used for storage during transportation and installation of flexible pipe, umbilicals, risers and other products for offshore applications.


The carousel comprises a lower flange located on a central king pin, a hub and an upper flange. The position of the upper flange is adjustable and the flange is locked in place making use of special spacer bars. The carousel is supported by spring suspended (steel) wheels built into the underside of the lower carousel. This results in an equally divided load on the rails. The rails consist of a single track, welded to the lower deck.


The carousel is driven by electrical motors through a gearbox and a rack and pinion drive providing sufficient tension on the product to spool correctly. Both the speed and the torque of the carousels can be controlled. A spooling device is part of the system as well. Carousels and spooling devices can be synchronised with other system components as tensioners.